Our Story

Oro En Paz is a San Francisco winery founded by Ben Herod, Nate Clark and James Davids. San Francisco was once home to more than a hundred small wineries. Now there are only a few, but we are proud to continue this tradition. Oro En Paz is about friendship, having fun, and enjoying the moment. It is simple, genuine and delicious wine that has been cultivated and cared for with respect for the land and the people we love. The way it should be. 










Our mission is to preserve and promote the natural flavors of the vineyard through careful, well timed harvesting and simple hands-off winemaking. Our wines have natural acidity and a low, balanced amount of alcohol. Since all of our wines are made from one grape varietal and are grown in a single vineyard, you can truly experience the uniqueness of both the vineyard and the vintage. We are proud that our wine doesn't taste the same wine every year. We bottle real, natural wine that has a lot of love and attention poured into it.